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Thursday, May 12th, 2016 02:30 pm
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I don’t know what I’ve done, but whatever it was, I’ve done it to my left knee.
It aches horribly when I walk on it, it feels like it’s in the muscle and the bone, which suggests either that I clocked it without noticing at the time, or that there is a touch of rheumatism brought on by the damp weather these past few days. It’s not the same as the recurring but intermittent pains I get which feel as though the joint needs oiling – that is a proper sharp pain and one I know I could lose if I ever manage to unship a few tons.
At the moment it’s worst when I’ve been sitting for any length of time and though it doesn’t quite go away, the ache lessens as the joint warms up, which suggests to me that the bruised muscle hypothesis is closest to the mark.
Very annoying and not a little uncomfortable.
Changing subject, it is now a year, pretty much to the day, that I got my first ever tattoo. Now they say these things are addictive and without wishing to confirm or deny that, I have to confess that I am pondering getting a second and rather bigger tattoo, this time on my right upper arm. Remarkably, [ profile] ellefurtle is on board with the idea as long as it’s done properly and doesn’t just end up as a big black and grey blob.
Unrepentant fanboy and geek that I am, I am pretty sure that I should like a Batman tattoo. At first I thought a sleeve with a portrait, but I then moved towards the idea of a crouching figure. That is still a possibility, but there are some more stylized designs I quite like, so I remain undecided. I’m willing to pay the going rate for a good job, but it’s remarkably difficult to settle a design and then to find a tattooist you trust enough to create something you’re happy to have on your arm for life. Good grief, it took me forever to get a simple ‘Om’ design. This could be a never ending search!
If ever I decide and then find someone I’m confident can pull it off, I’ll post the result up here for posterity.
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