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Monday, June 6th, 2016 12:25 pm
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Back in the office after last week’s bank holiday and privilege day (for Her Majesty’s birthday, natch), followed by three days’ working from home in an effort to spare my knee. It’s still not right, but restricting the hobbling to the confines of the Gin Palace and garden seems to have helped to a degree.

Apart from trying to get some work done from home – not always easy with two mad cats demanding attention – I have been playing Warcrack, trying to get some stuff sorted before the new expansion comes out at the end of August. I have too many alts, I think. I’m going to delete a few, but those I have previously maxed out will probably stay. After all the effort of doing that (even if they’re not currently maxed out), deleting would seem to be a complete waste of effort, even in a game which by definition is pretty much nothing but a time soak. Trouble is, I have two more to level up if I am to keep them at max level and I’m not sure I can be bothered.


Yesterday, before stopping and actually enjoying the garden a bit (we had G&T’s on the patio, late afternoon/early evening), which was nice. Often we spend too much time faffing with the garden and forget to enjoy it. As it was, we did a bit of maintenance and planted a very pretty Natasha Richardson rose on the top bed, next to two longer established, but unnamed roses.

Initially we thought about putting on the patch we still call the lawn (though it hasn’t had grass on it for about 4 years), next to my Cardinal de Richelieu rose, but there is the possibility of a colour clash, plus the fact that the Richardson has a splendid scent, which would be wasted further down the garden. I might save up and buy a nice Duc de Guiche to go next to His Eminence.

Next week I suspect we are going to have to do a lot of trimming, weeding and trying back. It’s turning into a jungle out there.
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