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What a day I have had.

How do I loathe thee?

Let me count the ways...

Firstly: That overused phrase: Severe Delays on the Northern Line. Without taking resort in vulgarities, I am running out of ways of talking about this. Luckily, I shan't have to any more; [ profile] jimfer has provided me with an icon that says it all. Whenever you see that from now on, you will know. Severe delays on the way home last night, severe delays on the way into work this morning, severe delays on the way home tonight. Now it has been suspended entirely, and probably won't be open tomorrow at all. I'd like to believe that the Tube drivers really do have my best interests at heart, but frankly they are just a bunch of overpaid arseholes and workshy lefties. They strike at the drop of a hat, for any excuse. They may even be right this time for once, but their credit ran dry years ago.

Secondly: Intarweb connection. Off at 7pm (apparently, I don't know - see firstly above. Finally reconnected around 10.30 after hanging on the phone line for an hour before I could get to speak to a person. That's service. One of the of the reasons I moved away from Entanet was because of their shoddy help line. This is the first strike; Plusnet are allowed two more.

Thirdly: October is our busiest time at work. Attendance is screwed royally because of the point already made - see firstly above. My boss has gone on holiday for a week, and the divisional manager is about to take two weeks. Oh joy. In the meantime, operating rule 8 has kicked in: this rule is the one that states (and I am paraphrasing here,) The fewer people that are are available to do the work, and the tighter the deadline this work must be done by, particularly if a) the work in question involves budgetary decisions concerning subsidy of £4 billion (give or take a shekel), and b) said deadline is immutable, then rule 7 shall be suspended, and staff affected shall organise additional and exhaustive meetings to debate the lack of operational time in which to fulfil the task.

Fourthly: Summer continues into October, and temperatures and humidity levels remain well above the seasonal norm. Life is uncomfortable and the air oppressive.



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