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I find myself in that awkward position of feeling tired, but not wanting to go to bed just yet because I am fairly certain that I will just end up lying there staring at the ceiling rather than dozing off. I reckon another 30-45 minutes should do the job and then I'll turn in. I get the whole of the bed tonight, so I can spread out a bit. Whether or not that will make any difference or not I don't know, but at least I can be restless safe in the knowledge that I am not ruining anyone else's sleep.

There was a time when I could doze off at any time: sitting, slouching sprawling or lying on my back, stomach or either side. These days I can only go to sleep properly if I lie on my right side and even if I roll around in my sleep (which I must, even if only rarely, judging by the occasional knotted duvet), I wake up on my right, too. Dunno why. Oh well.

Things are building up at work again as they always do this time of year. The Monster is being unco-operative again, so our generously timetabled activities are beginning to telescope. I have already had my first burst of indigestion, though it's too early to say whether or not I will get it as a fixture for a fortnight or so like I did last year. I hope not, I don't enjoy three courses of Remegel as a meal.

I miss my girl already and she only left this morning.

I tell you what, though. I LIKE this new keyboard!


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